We are always hearing about how much better the schools in Japan are than here in America, you can't buy hardly anything that is not made in China, and now we have yet another thing we as Americans can only look at and say "HOLY CRAP!"Remember a while back my kid got on stage with Jackyl and pounded out a few songs with them for my birthday? Call me a proud papa but that kid can freaking rock! Sometimes I will pull up that video and watch it over and over and think, "Damn! that is MY kid!"

Well, tonight was one of those nights, I was watching that video and admiring my kid's talent and noticed a video tagged off to the side of a kid from Japan named Ryuga, so I decided to watch.

This kid is ten.... as in 1-0....TEN!

Watch the video, he is pretty freaking good, that is really all I can say, you just have to watch him in action for yourself.


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