Memorial Day was yesterday and on my Facebook I saw a few posts about people saying that the people that celebrated Memorial Day by BBQ'in and drinking the day away, that we were in the wrong and we shouldn't take advantage of a day like Memorial Day. So the question is how does one celebrate Memorial Day, and I think the best answer is right here.

A very loyal listener who goes by Mr. McWeed called in to The Wrecking Yard and I asked him how do you celebrate Memorial Day, since he is a veteran and has fought for our country.


His answer absolutely blew my mind and I agree with him 100%.

So why not fire up the BBQ pits grab a cooler and call up some of your family and friends and salute our fallen brothers and sisters adn those who have fought for our freedom.

To the people that think we took advantage of yesterday I say yes we did, we took full advantage the day for fellowship and being merry with our friends and family and we remembered those in our armed forces.

Here are the words not only from a veteran but from someone that was even more smashed than I was yesterday!

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