I wanted to try my luck at a short bedtime story for kids.  Maybe your kids will like it.  Maybe it will convince them to go outside once in a while.  Enjoy after the break.


The sky had always been content.  It let the sun through, it let the winds blow and it held the clouds high. The sky was often celebrated by the people below.  The people would on occasion fly colorful kites or just spend a day looking at the shapes of the clouds it held.  Times changed though, and the younger people no longer seemed to care about the sky; they no longer came outside to play.  The sky having less and less to watch, turned its attention upward finding a new friend with space.  Time meant nothing to the sky for it had been around forever, and it lost track of the people below.

The sky now unknowingly waits for a signal from below to bring the rain back. It needs just one little boy or girl to fly a kite high enough to bring back the memories of the people below.  With that splash of color they sky will turn its attention back on the people and bring them the rain they so desperately need.  Then, when all of the people come outside to celebrate the rain, the sky will smile, and that smile will be a rainbow.