Trent Reznor's new project How To Destroy Angels is making their debut on the big stage at Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival and I for one can't wait.

Anyone with a pulse in the 90s knows that Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails dominated the industrial rock scene and he is ready to do it again.  Trent's newest band, How To Destroy Angels will join The Chili Peppers, Puscifier, Ghost, TrashTalk, and a host of others this year at Coachella.  Having been a big fan of Nails, I am stoked to hear what Trent has in store this time.


Here's a little taste of what's to come.  If you decide to check them out, some of there stuff is a little folky, but it's still Trent Reznor so It's cool.