In the year 2014, it's a shame that equality among us humans is still a issue. I find it even more disturbing that there are businesses that will discriminate over peoples choices in life whether it's getting tattooed or homosexuality.

I came across this video where a Burger King in San Francisco offered their "Proud Whopper" to their costumers. Even though the wrapper had changed the burger inside had not.

This is a pretty good rule in life is it's not what is on the outside that counts but how you are on the inside. I don't care what color you are, what religion (if any) and I certainly don't care about who makes your heart jump whether it is same sex or not. I don;t have to go through my list of people who I talk to who are gay or bring up my family members that are gay as well that's not the point the point is "we are all the same inside" and Burger King could not have said it any better.

If you are someone that judges another person by the way they look or by their lifestyle, I can only say this to you, the people that you are missing out on is your loss not theirs because believe me we are doing just fine without you. And always know that we are always here to introduce ourselves to you to you ever have a change of mind.

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