Burger King has started something new in some of it's locations and I'm ready for it!  It's the "Burger King Whopper" bar.  Yep, you could build your own Whooper.  Load that bun up with whatever you want. How about a cold beer to go with that burger? Yeah, that's what I want.  More after the break.

Sure the 'build your own burger' concept is nothing new.  Our friends at Fuddruckers do a hell of a job.  There's just sometimes you're in a mood for a Whopper.  No longer would you have to worry about all the sauce just being smushed into the center the bun. Add those double pickles. Or just pile your burger high with fresh lettuce. Damn, I'm starting to make this sound like a commercial, but it's not.  I just kind of like the idea and they'd probably get the food to you a little faster as well.  There is a little downside to this kind of thing, I do still want to be able to order straight from the menu.  That's the thing that ticks me off about Subway (and I'm in there about once a week), you can't just say 'give me an Italian' and go sit down.  If I wanted to make my own sandwich I probably would have went home.

So anyways think about those tasty burgers and having a nice frosty beer with them.  Sounds pretty good to me.

We don't know of either of these things coming the Hub Cities way, but let's just say, we're ready.

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