Ice Nine Kills are living up to the idea of a "bloody valentine" by dropping a brand new cover of the Elvis Presley classic "Can't Help Falling in Love" just in time for Valentine's Day.

Really, what else would you expect from singer Spencer Charnas and his horror-inspired crew? The clip, directed by Myles Erfurth, finds the singer wearing his heart on his straitjacketed sleeve as he tackles one of Elvis' most tender of ballads. And yes, the clip does get a little gory, spreading plenty of red to get you in the Valentine's spirit. Watch the video in full below.

Charnas, speaking about the decision to cover Elvis, stated, “I’ve always been a big Elvis fan, so the idea of taking this classic and splattering it with some signature INK bloodshed struck me as a match made in hell!” If you like the cover, it's currently available via the platform of your choosing here.

The year may just be starting but Ice Nine Kills are already off to a great start. Charnas recently appeared on the new Hyro the Hero track "Retaliation Generation" as well. Stay tuned for more from Ice Nine Kills as the year continues.

Ice Nine Kills, "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Elvis Presley Cover)

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