Katy Perry is on my radar for a couple of reasons (not those), I'm a fan of her husband (Russel Brand) and I'm across the hall from Kiss-FM. She seems harmless enough but her new "character" is a little offensive. Read more after the jump.

Many pop stars like Taylor Swift have made videos portraying their awkward years and I don't really have  a problem with that. I guess that's what gives some people the drive to make it, a chance to put it back in the face of the people who pushed them around. The problem with Katy Perry's alter-ego "Katy-Beth Terry" is for some reason, and I can quite put my finger on it, it seems like she's picking on geeks rather than portraying herself as a geek. I'm not losing sleep over it, and it's going to come and go like a piece of gum on your shoe, but it still strikes me as a little mean spirited.


I've explained before that there are many kinds of bullying, but surely one of the most prevalent has to be the "pretty" kids picking on the "not-so-pretty" kids. These are the things that teen depression are made of, with teens having weird hormone surges, growth spurts and awkward times.

I hope those of you who were or are picked on for being different know that you are the ones that tend to rule the world later. All of the people that pick on other people do so out of their own insecurities. I look back on the people who I feel looked down on me in school and not a single one has reached the level of success that I have.

Don't ever buy into the Hollywood version of looks and fame, it's all bullsh#t.  As for whether this latest pile of manufactured nonsense is a geek or making fun of geeks, that's for you to decide.

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