Can I just go on record as saying I am sick of hearing about Kim Kardashian. I don't give a *hit about how long she was married, and I don't care why she is getting divorced.I've heard interview with Kim, her mom, her friends and other family members. All of them say the marriage was not staged for their stupid reality show and that she "really" loved Kris whatever his name is and that is why she married him.

Here is my take on that. Bull*hit! I think the marriage lasted, what, 72 days? If you "love" someone enough to marry them 72 days in you are still newly weds and still on your honeymoon. Divorce is not something a couple that is in love even thinks about that soon.

That beign said I have made a list of things that lasted longer than the marriage between these two.

1. The number of days Lubbock has gone without rain

2. The number of days Woody cussed Mendenhall after the Steelers lost the "big game" to the Packers

3. The number of days I was cut off after The Steelers lost the "big game" to the Packers

4. Pregnancy....

5. Driver's ed

6. The milk in my fridge

7. The line outside of Best Buy for the original iPhone

8. The number of days I am going to be cut off for bringing up that the Steelers lost "the big game" to the Packers

Let's move on folks no one gives a crap!