It’s no secret that Anthrax are working on a follow-up to 2016’s For All Kings, but what isn’t known is if they’ll have any guests contributing to the record. That said, the band recently uploaded a few photos with Dave Grohl to their social media accounts that – according to numerous fans – implies that the Foo Fighters founder may be featured on the record.

Last Wednesday (Nov. 15), the thrash metal quintet shared some glimpses of themselves with Grohl in (ThePRP confirms) Foo Fighters’ Studio 606, captioning: “New album is going to be awesome. #FooThrax.” When drummer Charlie Benante added the images to his Instagram account, he remarked: “Thanks to @davestruestories for coming by and giving us a jolt. Making a record should and could be fun. I love the sound of this room, I can play all day.”

Benante also shared a short video of Grohl having some fun behind Benante’s set, rejoicing: “How exciting when @davestruestories comes by and plays your kit.”

Although the posts could’ve just been about Grohl visiting his friends at work (and perhaps getting a preview of their latest tracks), people across Facebook and X are speculating that the images and hashtags confirm their collaboration.

Respectively, three Facebook fans wrote: “Is there any band Dave won't infiltrate? [L]ooking forward to hearing the results,” “Is Grohl in every band?” and ““That album is going to sound insane!!!!” Someone even suggested that Grohl handles the drums while Benante handles vocals, while another music lover announced: “I’m here for it. Let’s get a Foothrax tour going too!”

Similarly, enthusiastic Instagram users gave replies such as: “Tour gonna be crazy if there is one”; “PLEASE tell me Dave Grohl is singing for you”; “I have to assume Dave guests on a song for either drums, guitar, vocals, who knows”; “Super stoked for new Anthrax. This makes my month!”; and “How fucking cool is this?!?!”

To be fair, other Anthrax aficionados weren’t as excited.

Specifically, someone on Facebook confessed, “I was excited but I'm not into foo fighters. Charlie B yes!!!!!!” Likewise, two different detractors declared: “Last two were stellar. please don’t let that foo have any input” and “PLEASE don’t let the Nirvana drummer alter Anthrax’s sound!!!” Moving onto Instagram, someone simply stated: “Oh fuck no.”

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As of now, Anthrax have not confirmed or denied Grohl’s involvement in the For All Kings successor. As for Grohl, well, he’s not posted about the meet-up at all.

Back in August 2023, Loudwire reported on guitarist Scott Ian’s update regarding their latest LP (which’ll once again be produced by Jay Ruston). At the time, Ian mentioned that Anthrax had “tracked nine songs” before mentioning that he hoped they’d be finished recording by around Christmas time. Earlier this month, the band shared images of frontman Joey Belladonna recording vocals, so it looks like Ian’s wish may be granted.

In case you missed it, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale recently spoke about his ‘90s feud with Grohl. Plus, Foo Fighters’ “Everything or Nothing At All” tour was nominated for Rock Tour of the Year in the 35th Annual Pollstar Awards, just as they received two nominations for 2024’s 66th annual Grammy Awards: Best Rock Performance (for “Rescued”) and Best Rock Album (for But Where We Are).

Lastly, Anthrax are gearing up for a brief international tour next year. You can see the full list of dates and grab tickets here.

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