It's difficult to ignore the influence new wave's popularity when looking back at the best hard rock albums of 1984.

Bands once known for rampaging guitars were suddenly adding synths to their sound. It's as though the government mandated the use of keyboards in every rock band in 1984.

Bon Jovi burst on the scene with a debut album. And, of course, the first song's opening notes come from a keyboard.

Over in the Midwest, the Minneapolis music scene erupted with some of the best work turned in by The Replacements and Hüsker Dü.

The Scorpions scored their best performing album in the U.S. with their ninth full-length release.

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Deep Purple and Whitesnake shuffled around members and still put out two of the best albums of the year.

Here is a look at the top 10 hard rock albums of 1984.

10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 1984

From guitar virtuosos to American actors spoofing a British metal band. Here is a look at the best hard rock albums of 1984.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

11 Best Metal Albums of 1984

When 1983 came to an end, metal fans had a lot to be happy about.

The world saw albums like Kill 'Em All, Holy Diver, Piece of Mind, and a slew of other classics that would certainly be on constant rotation on record players for years to come.

The main question was how could 1984 even compete with such a monumental year for metal as 1983?

Bands that made our 10 Best Metal Albums of 1983 stepped it up once again and, as always, some new bands came along, too.

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 1994

The year 1994 was one of the best for rock music, offering a variety of options for those who liked it loud and upbeat. It was the year that punk re-entered the mainstream, grunge continued its dominance and Woodstock proved to be a tipping point for several bands on the verge of massive popularity.

With that in mind, we flash back to glimpse this landmark year in rock music at its peak and provide you with the 10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 1994.

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers

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