The 2024 edition of the Sick New World festival is in the books, leaving quite the imprint on festivalgoers and quite a few big things happened over the course of the day-long music celebration. Here we dig into some of the things you may or may not have caught over the course of the day.

Best Guest: Poppy Turns Up With Bad Omens + Knocked Loose

Poppy may not have been part of the 2024 Sick New World lineup, but she definitely made her presence felt. First she turned up on the Gold Stage with Bad Omens, walking out and opening a hard-hitting rendition of "V.A.N." with the band in the late afternoon sun.

Then she headed over to the Siren Stage for the early evening set from Knocked Loose, teaming up with the band to deliver the live debut on their collaborative song "Suffocate." See fan-shot footage of both below.

Bad Omens + Poppy, "V.A.N." (Live at Sick New World 2024)

Knocked Loose + Poppy, "Suffocate" (Live Debut at Sick New World 2024)

Sleep Token's First North American Show of 2024

While it was difficult for fans to choose between Sleep Token going head-to-head with headliners System of a Down, their set was still heavily attended by festivalgoers and it was among the most buzzed about on social media after. The group delivered a seven-song set during their first North American show of 2024, featuring such standouts as "The Offering," "The Summoning," "Rain" and "Alkaline" before wrapping with the "Take Me Back to Eden" title track.

Sleep Token, "The Offering" (Live at Sick New World 2024)

System of Down Play First Show Since Last Year's Sick New World Festival

Almost a year passed before System of a Down hit the stage, but their experience at the 2023 Sick New World was well received enough for them to accept the 2024 headliner spot this year. As one of only two shows scheduled this year for the band, there was a lot of anticipation.

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They rocked through a 27-song set that saw them digging up "Bubbles," "CUBErt," "Kill Rock 'n' Roll" and "Innervision" for the first time in several years. There was also a touching moment when Daron Malakian dedicated "Lonely Day" to late Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison.

What Year Is This? Slipknot Don Throwback Look at Sick New World

Slipknot are digging into this being the 25th anniversary of their self-titled breakout album, bringing back the familiar red jumpsuits. The group played as 12-song set as co-headliners of the festival, keeping the set filled primarily with tracks from early in their career. "Eyeless," "Wait and Bleed," "Surfacing" and "Spit It Out" all turned up from their debut album, while "People = Shit," "Disasterpiece," "The Heretic Anthem" from Iowa made up over half the set.

Slipknot, "Disasterpiece" (Live at Sick New World 2024)

Slaughter to Prevail Debut New Song at Sick New World

What better place to unveil new music that one of the biggest festivals of the year? Slaughter to Prevail played a five-song set at Sick New World, but used some of their time to debut a new song that doesn't seem to have a title as of yet.

The song is a chugging, head-nodding gem that's accentuated by a distinctive string-backing. But don't let the strings fool you. This one is very in-your-face.

Slaughter to Prevail Debut New Song Live at Sick New World 2024

A Perfect Circle Make Due With Less Than Perfect Circumstances

Give it up to A Perfect Circle for even pulling off their 2024 Sick New World set. It wouldn't have happened without the generosity of others, as Billy Howerdel penned a personal thank you to those helping out the band after weather prevented their trucks and gear from making it from their previous show in Denver to Las Vegas.

The band started borrowing gear and pulling in other talented technicians in order to deliver a show "with literally zero seconds to spare before walking on that stage," said Howerdel. They played a 10-song set that even included a guest spot of Rizz from VOWWS on Howerdel's solo song "Stars."

A Perfect Circle, "Judith" (Live at Sick New World 2024)

Rockers Are Just Like Us: Lorna Shore's Will Ramos Takes In Knocked Loose

Sometimes rockers just want to be fans too. That was the case for Lorna Shore's Will Ramos who took advantage of his band's early day set time to just get out and enjoy the rest of the day's performances. Below, you'll see the singer getting in some moshing during Knocked Loose's performance.

Babymetal Psyched to Bring Out Oli Sykes

Given that they weren't directly against each other during the day, Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes traveled over to the Red Stage where Babymetal was performing and joined them for "Kingslayer."

The performance was filled with theatrics, including a visual lead up introducing the song. Sykes seemed to enjoy himself, dancing around to the high energy track, as seen in the fan-shot video below.

Babymetal Featuring Oli Sykes, "Kingslayer" (Live at Sick New World 2024)

Kittie Make Their 2024 Debut

Kittie are officially back, having performed their first set of 2024 and for the first time since releasing new music earlier this year. The band played a nine-song set that included the live debuts of "Eyes Wide Open" and "We Are Shadows," as well as the first performance of "No Name" since 2009.

Kittie (Live at Sick New World 2024)

Danny Elfman Dives Deep Into Scores and Oingo Boingo

One of the more intriguing and buzzed about sets of the day came from Danny Elfman, the longtime Oingo Boingo frontman who found fame in his second career as a soundtrack composer over the last few decades.

Elfman served up a mix of score work from Beetlejuice, The Simpsons, The Batman and, of course, his Nightmare Before Christmas gem, "Jack's Lament / This Is Halloween," with classic alt-rock Oingo Boingo faves "Only a Lad" and "Dead Man's Party" during a 20-song performance.

Danny Elfman, "Beetlejuice Theme" (Live at Sick New World 2024)

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