Dee Snider is one of the more entertaining frontmen in rock and metal history, but the Twisted Sister leader has let his voice be heard on social media concerning who he thinks is the greatest "frontman."

Who Is Dee Snider's Pick as the Greatest Frontman

Snider gave his feedback when the question was posed by another poster on X asking, "Is Robert Plant the greatest frontman of all-time?"

The singer was quick to respond, "Nope," then adding, "Amazing singer. But great frontman? He barely spoke to the crowd. 'Does anybody remember laughter?' James Brown is the greatest of all time!"

Dee Snider Explains Himself + Credits Other Choices

Snider's pick of James Brown drew its fair share of response, with many fans shouting out other great frontmen in the process.

Further explaining himself to one fan why Plant wasn't his choice, the Twisted Sister singer stated, "Yes. I’m a monster Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin fan too, but I learned ZERO from watching him on how to be a front man. And I pride myself on being a solid one."

"Must be honest Dee. All great singers, included Bruce Dickinson, but for me Freddie [Mercury] is and always will be the best frontman in history. It's a matter of affection," noted one fan, to which Snider replied, "Bruce, Freddie…great singers AND frontmen! Two separate things."

Mercury got a nod from another fan, with Snider stating, "Freddie is one of the all time best…but James Brown tops them all!"

Another fan suggested, "DLR: great front man. Horrible singer, but when you have EVH on stage with you, you could be a mute and make it work." Snider reiterated, "Like I said: singing and fronting are separate things! DLR was a great FM." Yet another shouted out David Lee Roth as well, with Snider calling him "one of the best."

Another fan showed a graphic of Prince, to which Snider once again replied, "Great frontman!"

Yet another person suggested Bruce Springsteen, noting, "I have seen Bruce Springsteen work a crowd like no other," with Snider adding, "Bruce is one of the best!"

And there was a shout out for Paul Stanley, with Snider remarking of the KISS singer, "Paul is great. This said, I don’t like that he says the same lines every night. The best front men react to the uniqueness of the show. Like when James Brown LITERALLY stopped a riot the night MLK was assassinated. THATS being a frontman!"

What Dee Snider Has Previously Said About James Brown

Back in 2023, Snider also commented on Twitter (now X) about his admiration for Brown. "There is a stunning documentary on James Brown (produced by
@mickjagger) which opened my eyes to the lethal weapon he was," explained Snider.

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"And crowd control? He gave a concert in Boston the night MLK died. When a riot began to break out he talked the crowd AND the cops down! FRONTMAN!"

James Brown's Speech at Boston Garden in 1968 After MLK's Death

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