Recently there have been some rumors swirling around the internet after some pictures surfaced of Jelly Roll hanging out with MGK and Travis Barker.

When Loudwire's sister site, Taste of Country, had Jelly Roll stop by for a visit, we couldn't resist a chance to have them ask the country superstar flat out: What were you up to with MGK and Travis Barker?

While Jelly Roll expertly danced around the question, we did learn some new things.

Is Jelly Roll Working on Music With MGK + Travis Barker?

In a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights, Jelly Roll was asked by host Evan Paul about a post on X revealing a potential collaboration in the works, and Jelly's face lit up right away.

The "Dead Man Walking" singer said, "Yea baby! I love that, I love that quote. MGK said, 'I'm in the kitchen, and it's southern fried.'" Jelly then belly laughed.

When further pressed, he revealed some more details about what's to come and shared that he and MGK actually work together quite a bit.

When speaking on MGK, Jelly Roll said, "That's my buddy, man, we're cookin'. We work a lot, man. I've known of Kells 15 years, probably, 14 years since we were both on the underground hip-hop scene."

Did Jelly Roll and MGK Have Beef?

Jelly Roll spoke a little more on how he and MGK met and even used to beef before eventually becoming friends.

"We were both just trying to sell 200 tickets to a bar on the Short North in Columbus, Ohio," he said. "Hip-hop was competitive back then, so of course, we'd beef like two white [rappers] — 'there's only enough room for one white rapper at the time' — but we've turned out to be really, really great friends."

The facts are in front of us, Jelly Roll, MGK, Travis Barker and Yungblud were all hanging out together, and now we know that they are cooking up something "southern fried."

Stay tuned for more info on this as it becomes available.

Evan Paul is the host of Taste of Country Nights, a syndicated radio show heard on more than 130 country radio stations nationwide, every night from 7PM to midnight. 

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