Corey Taylor issues a glib wrestling challenge to WWE star Randy Orton in a backstage video the musician shared from Slipknot's summer tour.

It's part and parcel of the fun that Taylor and his Slipknot bandmates seem to be having on the road together right now. The flippant challenge is the latest in a series of short backstage clips that show Slipknot goofing off and palling around.

See the new video near the bottom of this post.

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"That's right. I got something to tell you, Randy Orton!" Taylor says in a joking growl after realizing his unmistakable Slipknot mask seems akin to a championship belt when draped on his shoulder.

"Do you think you're going to come and get this belt from me?" the Slipknot lead vocalist continues. "You got another thing coming!"

Randy Orton
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Taylor pointedly adds, "Come this time tomorrow — MSG, Madison Square Garden. We 'bout to get down, motherfucker! Yeah!"

The Slipknot rocker is obviously joking — Orton is currently on hiatus from the WWE due to an injury, and he may not return. Further, Taylor is due for a Slipknot concert in Lisbon, Portugal, on Thursday (June 29), the day after he shared the wrestling challenge video on Instagram (June 28).

Corey Taylor + Wrestling

Taylor has dabbled in the WWE before. For example, the Slipknot singer was ringside for a WWE NXT event at 2015's Aftershock Festival in California. Taylor even had some participation in it.

In the days prior, he and WWE star Baron Corbin had trash-talked each other on social media. And at the event, the Slipknot vocalist even took a swipe at Corbin during the wrestler's bout with Samoa Joe, as Sportskeeda reported.

Taylor and Corbin and friends in real life. Corbin was later featured in Taylor's 2020 music video for his solo song "CMFT Must Be Stopped." Corey Graves and Chris Jericho also appear.

New Slipknot Music

Earlier this month, Slipknot surprise-released the six-track Adderall EP. Essentially a maxi-single for the tune "Adderall" from their latest album, 2022's The End, So Far, it contains three versions of that song plus three instrumental tracks.

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Jokes Around With Wrestling Challenge to Randy Orton

Slipknot Summer 2023 Tour Dates

June 29 – Lisbon, Portugal @ Evil Live Festival
June 30 – Viveiro, Spain @ Resurrection Fest
July 14 – Cadott, Wis. @ Rock Fest
July 16 – Mansfield, Ohio @ Inkarceration
Sept. 8 – Alton, Va. @ Blue Ridge Rock Fest

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