Taking Back Sunday are full of surprises. After playing a backyard performance earlier this year, the band turned up at the wedding of two of their fans, surprising the happy couple on the wedding day by playing a pair of love songs.

The special "wedding crashing" came about after the bride, Sammi, initially reached out to the group upon hearing that their new album, 152, would be released on Oct. 27, the same day as their wedding. She reached out on social media explaining her situation and how it seemed like everything aligning for her and her soon to be husband with their favorite band releasing an album that day.

sammi seman's message to taking back sunday
Taking Back Sunday / Sammi Seman

While the band offered a cordial "Congrats," behind the scenes they were touched by the message and set about doing something special for the couple.

"When we announced the release date of our new album 152, we received a very nice message on social media from the bride Sammi. She told us that she and her fiancé Adam were long time fans of our band and that their wedding was planned on the same day as our record release and how happy that made her. As luck would have it, we had planned tour rehearsals at a spot only two hours away from their wedding the very same week as the release and the wedding," the band stated.

"Through some careful, secretive planning with our manager Jillian and the maid of honor Amanda we crashed the wedding. We arrived under the cover of night during speeches from the bride and groom’s friends and family and were whisked away into a room anxiously awaiting our introduction," they continued.

"We entered the beautiful reception room to loud cheers and could feel the love! We greeted Adam and Sammi with flowers, warm hugs, and a copy of our new album. Adam, John, and Nathan performed 'I Am the Only One Who Knows You,' and 'The One,' our two most complete love songs. The bride and groom sang and danced along. We took photos and said our goodbyes. It was truly a beautiful night and we're grateful we got to play a small part in it. We wish Sammi and Adam a long, happy, healthy life together filled with love and laughter. Thank you for having us!!!"

The band traveled to Trout Lake in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania for the wedding. As shown in the video below, singer Adam Lazzara admitted a bit of nerves participating in the special day. "We picked two that are actual real love songs that we have," said Lazzara. "I can't even believe it when I'm thinking about it so that's so out of the ordinary for us," revealed the singer. "I didn't realize how nervous I would be. Like I was fine when we were coming here, but when we got in this room I was like, 'Oh god, they're getting married tonight. What if we're ruining their wedding."

For the ceremony, the band presented the couple with an autographed photo, and then performed the songs "The One" and "I Am the Only One Who Knows You."

taking back sunday perform at the seman wedding 2023
YouTube: Taking Back Sunday

"This is the best present in the world and I'm not even sure it was real," said Sammi. Her husband Adam added, "I've been a fan since we were probably 13 years old and to have them here tonight was like the most magical thing, the most unreal thing ever."

Sammi later commented, "I knew my cousin and maid of honor, Amanda, had a surprise for me. Right before, my matron of honor, Shelby, tells me three of the groomsmen would be singing us a song. So, Amanda gets to the mic and announces the band Taking Back Sunday. Adam and I look at each other and say, 'Yeah, right' but then TBS actually walks in! And obviously, our reactions say it all. We were in shock and disbelief; we just couldn't believe they were actually here at our wedding singing two songs off their new album. They were amazing, as always, and so so nice. Adam even gave us some relationship advice! It was the perfect surprise to an already perfect day. They gave us flowers and their new record with a special message to us. It’s just so unbelievable and I believe Adam described it perfectly when he yelled, 'What is my life right now?!' Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who had a hand in this, you truly made our wedding unforgettable."

Check out video of the special day below.

Taking Back Sunday Crash a Wedding

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Where Are Taking Back Sunday Now?

The band just released their 152 album. It's currently available here. And you can catch them on tour in support of the record now. The dates can be found below.

Taking Back Sunday 2023 Tour Dates

Nov. 6 — Los Angeles, Calif. @ Lodge Room (Album Release Show)
Nov. 9 — Nashville, Tenn. @ Eastside Bowl (Album Release Show)
Nov. 13 – New York, N.Y. @ Bowery Ballroom (Album Release Show)
Nov. 29 – Melbourne, Australia @ 170 Russell
Dec. 1 — Melbourne, Australia @ Good Things Festival 2023
Dec. 2 — Sydney, Australia @ Good Things Festival 2023
Dec. 3 — Brisbane, Australia @ Good Things Festival 2023
Dec. 5 — Woolloongabba, Australia @ The Princess Theatre
Dec. 6 – Marrickville, Australia @ Factory Theatre
Dec. 13 – Wantagh, N.Y. @ Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall (Holiday Spectacular)
Dec. 14 – Wantagh, N.Y. @ Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall (Holiday Spectacular)
Dec. 15 – Sayreville, N.J. @ Starland Ballroom (Holiday Spectacular)
Dec. 16 – Sayreville, N.J. @ Starland Ballroom (Holiday Spectacular)

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