It's time to re-engage! The members of Killswitch Engage have enjoyed a little break in the action, but will soon be ready to start things up again as they approach their next studio album.

In a new social media post, the band outlined a bit of the timeline for fans, revealing that a new album is definitely on the docket for 2018. According to the posting, jam sessions will be starting up in October and demos will be cranked out. Though the band didn't state exactly when in 2018 we might see new material, they did say there is a plan to start "dropping some music and getting back on the road again" next year.

It's been a somewhat light year for the band who did tour with Anthrax earlier this year and played their first ever virtual reality show. They also celebrated the 15th anniversary of their Alive or Just Breathing album with a vinyl release and the creation of Alive or Just Brewing beer.

Earlier this year, singer Jesse Leach announced the formation of a hardcore punk side project, but that is not expected to conflict with any of Killswitch Engage's upcoming plans. Stay tuned for more news on the next Killswitch Engage album as it becomes available.

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