Do you keep hearing about and seeing people post about "Gatti Land" here in Lubbock? What the heck could that be?

It's not Mr. Gatti's, as COVID killed that poor business off for good back in 2021. That was a heartbreaker for me, as I have many fond memories of taking my daughter there when she was little.

This Gatti Land is still really fun, and I'd argue the food is quite a bit more, shall we say, refined than Mr. Gatti's ever was.

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash
Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

Gatti Land is an informal gathering of Lubbock area food trucks that park in the huge parking lot outside the former Mr. Gatti's at 5001 50th Street. They have a Facebook page to let you know which food trucks will be there, too.

a group for everyone to see schedules and up to date info reflecting what day, what time, and what trucks will be parked at Gatti Land Grub Trucks located at 5001 50th St.

An example is this is August 6th, 2023, a "Sunday Funday" with plenty of popular food trucks, including YaYa's Place, Vanessa's Churreria, and more. Additionally, this event will have games provided by Rex’s Retrocade and Party Rental. Fun, indeed!

This informal coalition of food trucks arose from the need to have some consistent place to find Lubbock's most popular food options. Of course, the nature of food trucks means that they are mobile, agile, and on the go. But sometimes you don't want to hunt a truck down, you just want to know where to reliably find one.

And this solution is a perfect one.

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