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Everyone has "that friend". You know, the one that always looks so amazing, so put together, and always lets their personal aesthetic shine through. For me, that's my friend Charisse. Clothes? Check. Makeup? Check. Hair? Check. And let's talk about her amazing nails.

Charisse always has those enviable long and gorgeously manicured nails. I'm nosey as hell and upon investigation, she gets hers done with Lubbock artist Keziah Villasenor, aka Set Likethis.

I recently dug through Set Likethis's Insta and Tiktok (highly recommend following both) and found holiday nail sets that are sure to inspire.

Wanna book with Set Likethis? Hit her up on Facebook.

Lubbock's Set Likethis Nails Hand Painted Holiday Claws

Lubbock nail artist Set Likethis hand paints intricate and beautiful designs in all types of styles and nail shapes for her clients. Here's a collection for the holidays that's sure to inspire your next nail set.

Buttercream Dream: Inside One of Lubbock's Best Designed Homes

One of Lubbock's most recognizable homes is for sale. This house, which I am dubbing "The Buttercream Dream," because of its exterior color, is a 4 bed, 4.5 bath.

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This four-bedroom, four-bath house in Huntsville Texas is constructed of many recycled materials- including vinyl records, beer caps, glass shards, and many, many bones.

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