If you don't think that Gavin Rossdale is the prettiest man alive, you're a liar. When you stand in Gavin's presence, he, with one look, will melt whatever macho attitude you think you have until then you cannot think otherwise.

I was sitting in the jock room talking to Wes and our DME Justin about the story of how I met Gavin Rossdale backstage at the first FMX Big Purple Party.

As I was interviewing a band, I was getting bumped into constantly and it was annoying. I turned around and was surprised to discover it was Gavin Rossdale bumping into me.

Now, to stand in this man's presence is something that everyone should experience once in their life. It is literally life changing to stand next to a dude that is so gorgeous and perfect you will question everything that you have been taught as a man.

On this Man Crush Monday, I salute you, Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

Check out the video of Wes and I talking about Gavin Rossdale and his Versace eye lashes above, then see the man in action below.