Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory is a real genius. She specializes in the chemical reaction related to bonding with your offspring (wow!).  In addition, she was also "Blossum".  She decided to "slum it up" and spend a few minutes with the RockShow.


We severely cut down on interviews for on-air.  In the case of Mayim Bialik (Amy Farah Fowler from Big Bang Theory) we only aired about three minutes of a seven and a half minute interview.  There's a couple of laughs in the interview, but we found what she does as a scientist truly interesting as well.  If you have a couple minutes, tune in for the science and stay for the laughs.  Also, there's some humorously awkward moments as we shift gears from serious to silly and back again.


Also, here is my absolute favorite moment of Mayims from the show:


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