With The Gigantour 2013 coming to Lubbock on July 13th, we could see Jason Newsted of Newsted formerly of Metallica and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth formerly of Metallica taking the stage together to perform a classic Metallica track.

Dave Mustaine took to his Twitter and said "If I play a song I wrote in @Metallica w/@JasonCNewsted, which should it be?"


This is something very cool and I hope we all get to see when The Gigantour rolls through Lubbock. If you need details for that show grab them here.

For fans that would like to see this you can Tweet Dave Mustaine @DaveMustaine and tell him your thoughts. Here are the songs that Dave Mustaine wrote for Metallica. courtesy of BLABBERMOUTH.net

Ride The Lightning
The Call Of Ktulu
Metal Militia
Phantom Lord
Jump In The Fire
The Four Horsemen

We will all throw down for The Gigantour 2013 so get your horns up for what will be a amazing night in Lubbock!