When Jason Newsted became Metallica’s new bassist, the thrash legends decided to pull not one, but two epic pranks on him. It all happened during a dinner in Japan, just 11 days after Newsted joined Metallica.

Kirk Hammett initiated Stage One of the prank on Newsted. Well into some hard drinking, Hammett threw a giant glob of wasabi into a dish and encouraged Newsted to try some special Japanese “mint ice cream.”

“I was so hammered,” Newsted recalled in a 2017 interview with Loudwire. “If it was ice cream, it would have melted [but] I’m like, ‘Okay.’ I took a freaking spoonful — I couldn’t use chopsticks yet — and ‘Fuuuuuuuu————kkkk!”

Stage Two of the prank took place after Newsted was finally able to shake off the pain from the wasabi. “I look up and I don’t know anybody at the table. Everybody’s gone, but the table is full,” the bassist says. “[The waiter] brings the bill. I was making $500 a week, but the bill comes and it’s got zeros like 0000000000. They [Metallica] were f-cking with me. They were watching me from upstairs somewhere.”

Metallica - How Jason Newsted Was Initiated Into the Band

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