I am so very pumped to have the privilege to see Brujeria again, right here in Lubbock. The only thing that could make it more exciting is that they are touring with Pinata Protest, another band I am absolutely in love with live. Both bands begin their tour together this November along with No/Mas, a heavy and high-energy band I'm excited to see for the first time.

On paper, this lineup might not make the most sense. Pinata Protest is a unique and incredibly fun blend of mariachi meets punk, or "Tex Mex" punk as they like to call it. It's catchy and accessible- so much so that Pinata Protest has performed at a First Friday Art Trail venue here in Lubbock in front of an all-ages audience.

Meanwhile, Brujeria has been deliciously heavy death metal since 1989, with lyrics that love to swirl in the darkness, and that's not even mentioning some of their past album art. Seriously, look that up with caution- and probably not at work.

We are a group from Latin America notorious for the violent and the extreme.

While their genres and sounds seemingly don't align, their energy does. Expect to leave the show exhausted from all the thrashing around you won't be able to stop yourself from doing.


Brujeria, Pinata Protest, and No/Mas will be supported by locals Spitlife. The show will go down at Jake's Backroom (50th & Slide) on Tuesday, November 7th. Tickets are available at Ralph's Records at 82nd & Indiana.

Brujeria is currently on tour to support their new album ESTO ES BRUJERIA, which will be released September 15th.

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