You got to respect that Motley gives pseudo-celebrity Tommy Lee his "moment in the sun" during shows.

Tommy Lee rocks a 360 on the new tour.  It's cool Tommy gets his time to shine, but they probably use the the time to inject Mick Mars with whatever secret government formula that keeps his corpse reanimated (trust me, he's the #1 source if a zombie apocalypse ever breaks out).  It's also possible that Vince Neil uses this time to eat plates of sausages or that Nikki Sixx spends the time selling out Motley to anyone with a buck. I personally think it would be great if they used that time each night to beat the sh@t out of the band they are on tour with just on principal.  Yeah, I used to like the Crue, but the last couple of years they have made some real disappointing decisions spoiling their legacy in my mind.  Anyways, check out the video, then hit the one below when the Crue really rocked.