I've always thought these words from Motorhead's tune "We Are Motorhead" have always summed up just what these dudes are all about.

We bring you UFOs, saucers in the sky
We shoot you full of noise, we aim to kill
We burn like m*****f***ers, spit right in your eye
We fight authority, we glorify free will

We are the ones you heard of, but you never heard
We are electric prophets, here to twist the world
We are the flame at night, the fire in the trash
We are Motörhead, we are Motörhead...

Motorhead will finally receive "The Golden God" at the 2013 Metal Hammer Golden Gods on June 17 at the London Ingido2.

Alexander Milas, editor of Metal Hammer, breaks it down: "The first, the biggest, and the best; the Metal Hammer Golden Gods  are the ultimate celebration of all things heavy. It's a chance for us to hoist beers with the great and good of the metal community as well as the most important VIPs around; our readers. Part gig, part awards, and all metal, there's simply no other event like it, and with the almighty Motorhead closing proceedings, this one's set to be the loudest ever. Horns up!"

This year's event will be streamed live for the first time via Playstation and will include sets from Airbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Coal Chamber and Paradise Lost.

Congratulation to Lemmy and the boys...it's been a long time coming.

Check out this friggin cool video...