You can't have rock and metal without tattoos — or can you? Whatever the case, the aggressive musical art forms certainly seem to lend themselves to bold body ink. So it makes sense that there are many rock and metal musicians who also work as tattoo artists.

After all, why only practice one type of art when you can busy your hands with several? That's what rockers such as Zao vocalist Daniel Weyandt and Hundredth guitarist Alex Blackwell seem to have found over the years. Both make impactful music with their respective bands but focus on their tattoo craft otherwise.

Then, of course, there are the higher-profile tattooers who also do music such as Kat Von D and Captured Tattoo's Dan Smith. It takes all kinds!

But what they each have in common is an innate artistic ability and the determination to see each tattoo project through to the end. Every tattoo is different, no doubt — but each artist carries a signature inking style that often identifies them to those enjoying the finished product.

Ready to see which rockers are also tattoo artists? Continue reading below.

Rock + Metal Musicians Who Are Also Tattoo Artists

It's no secret that rock and metal tend to go hand-in-hand with tattoos. But not all ink-obsessed rockers are content to stay on the receiving end of the needle; many become tattoo artists themselves. Here are just some of the rock and metal musicians who double as tattoo artists.

20 Rock + Metal Musicians With Tattoos of Bands

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