Remember the days when COVID-19 wasn’t the most dangerous part of throwing down in the pit? That’s what security was for, but even though security guards are important for our safety, tension between them and musicians can sometimes boil over.

One classic clip features Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain stage diving into a crowd of fans. As he was surfed back to the stage, one guard seemed to handle him a little roughly, leading to Cobain smashing his guitar into the man’s head. After a couple of blows, the guard connected with a punch to Cobain’s head and kicked the grunge icon while he was down, leading to full-on chaos from Kurt’s bandmates.

Neck Deep were forced to cancel a 2017 show just two songs into a set due to a confrontation with security. According to reports, a crowd surfer got slammed to the ground by security after coming over the barricade. Former Neck Deep bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans confronted security, only to be pulled off stage, leading to his bandmates dropping their instruments to protect him. A free-for-all broke out between the stage and the barricade, and it was all caught on tape.

We even threw some rappers into the mix for this list, including Action Bronson, who was accosted by a security guard for lighting up a blunt onstage. The guard attempted to get Bronson in a headlock, but it turned out to be a big mistake, as the powerful rapper pushed him damn near off the stage. Don’t get between a rapper and his weed, especially if he’s got the strength advantage.

Check out this compilation of When Musicians Fight Security Guards in the Loud List below.

When Musicians Fight Security Guards

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