Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images

We are at # 4 on my list of my all time guitar players.

This guy shreds! He started out as one of the original guitar players for the Scorpions back in the 60's. After leaving the Scorpions, he went on to tear it up with his signature "flying v" guitar in the band UFO. UFO blew out great tunes like "Too Hot Too Handle" and "Light's Out."  Years later he formed his own band MSG.

Coming in at # 4 on my list is a guy that plays clean, fast and totally bad ass.

The one the only Michael Schenker. Check out the videos and, learn more at his website,

Here's a great instrumental trap from Michael to get you warmed up. Michael shreds on "Captain Nemo" below.

Here is Schenker performing with his original band, The Scorpions. Great fan made video for a great guitarist.

Here is a great video of Schenker with other guitarists talking about how he played the guitar. It features another one of his bands mentioned earlier, UFO.