Today (Friday, September 18) is the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's death. It's kind of crazy because I was discussing how timeless his music is with friends and family last night, unaware that today was the day he died.

Just think of how many thousands of bands have been popular, then faded away, while Hendrix is still popular.

The comment I made to everyone is true, though. Here at FMX, we don't play Hendrix for the people who were into him when he was alive; we play Hendrix for the people who are re-discovering him now.

So with that in mind, my favorite Hendrix tracks aren't necessarily what you hear on the radio. Here we go.

  • 1

    Castles Made Of Sand

    I don't know what it is about this song, but I could listen to it a hundred times back to back. Maybe it brings a certain visualization to mind, or maybe it's the super-coll laid back vibe. I just love it.  Unfortuantly, not much Hendrix has been uploaded, so I have to bring you my favorite track in an awesome instrumental version.

  • 2

    If Six Was 9

    I was just seven years old when I was given an eight-track of the Easy Rider Soundtrack. It was some heavy, acid-influenced hard rock. Maybe that's why I like the harder stuff to this day

  • 3

    All Along The Watchtower

    Hendrix did a LOT of covers. You can search and find him doing tons of Beatles stuff. It was this cover of the Bob Dylan song that skyrocketed them both. I still love this track.

  • 4

    Little Wing

    Some of you know the Stevie Ray Vaugan instrumental cover. I think this was one of the best songs that was born in  he blues but turned into rock. It was truly an elevation of music at the time.

  • 5

    The WInd Cries Mary

    I was already "experienced" in Hendrix from the time I was seven, but as a teen a friend and I had a mom named Mary that would play this song over and over. I never got tired of it.

  • 6


    Once again, this song conjures up certain visuals to me that I just can't explain. There's just something about his song, like a lot of Hendrix, that sucks you inside the story that he's telling.