At just 10-years-old, Nandi Bushell has found a very modern-day way of networking through the music industry! Her YouTube covers have won over a lot of artists, with Muse now among those sharing their effusive praise for the aspiring young musician.

Earlier this summer, Bushell posted a drum cover of "Hysteria," the hit 2003 single from Muse's Absolution album. But as we've seen over the past year, Nandi's musical talent is expanding beyond just playing the drums with the singer picking up other instruments as well.

In a new tweet, Nandi explained, "Ever since I jammed Hysteria by @muse on drums I wanted to learn the bass line too as it’s so so #awesome! It is the HARDEST bass line I have ever learned. I had to concentrate A LOT!"

After posting her video playing both the bass and drums online, Muse took notice with a response back to the musician. "Absolutely killed it again @Nandi_Bushell. So much talent," stated the group adding a fire emoji.

Bushell has also ventured into songwriting over the past year, recently posting the new original track "Gods and Unicorns" that she co-wrote with Zuzu. You can check that out below.

Nandi Bushell, "Gods and Unicorns"

After a months long drum battle with Dave Grohl via YouTube, Bushell recently met her Foo Fighters idol. But it was Grohl who appeared starstruck in the video chat. During their talk not only did Grohl invite her to jam with the Foos whenever they can tour again, but the pair also decided to write a song together. So we'll have to see what comes out of this promised pairing. See more of Bushell's covers via her YouTube channel.

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