Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger has reneged on his previous claim that the Canadian rockers would "love to" make a heavy metal album.

In an interview published Wednesday (July 10), the musician told the New Hampshire Union Leader that his previous comments were taken out of context and turned into "clickbait." He also clarified his own personal love of metal before saying he "sincerely doubts[s]" such a project would emerge from his main act.

But how did the mixup occur? Reminded of the statements he made in February — when it was first reported the musician and his bandmates were toying with the idea of recording a Slayer covers album (or possibly some other type of metal collection) — Kroeger says his thoughts at that time were misconstrued.

"Yeah, this is a good one," the bassist replied. "As a journalist yourself, you realize the importance of context and how context can be manipulated. I can't remember who I was talking to, but I know this got somewhat distorted, and then it was put on a wire and then everybody got it."

Asserting that his talk of Nickelback's metal album plans were "regurgitated and switched around and then reformatted," the brother of lead singer Chad Kroger indicated his desires were more in line with recording his own covers album, or starting a wholly new project, rather than involving Nickelback in the ambition.

He continued, "What I said was, 'I would like to make a Slayer cover record or have a Slayer cover band or make a metal album.' I didn't say [it involved] Nickelback … Like, 'Hey, everybody, be outraged because Nickelback wants to make a heavy metal album.'"

Still, Kroeger upheld his stand that the band are mostly big metal fans, specifically pinpointing the fandom of drummer Daniel Adair. But he said his sibling frontman and guitarist Ryan Peak probably wouldn't be interested in recording a metal album, even though they're both fans.

"I’m a metal head, love metal music, love Slayer in particular; they’re one of my favorites," he added. "And I would love to play that music, but I couldn’t speak for Nickelback in saying that we want to do a Slayer cover band or make a death metal record. … I know that the drummer, Daniel, he’s a big fan of metal. I don't know if he wants to be in a metal band. He might. I know Chad and Ryan both like heavy metal, but I don't know if they wanna make a record of it or play in a band that plays Slayer covers. I sincerely doubt it."

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