Fat Wreck Chords, owned by NOFX frontman Fat Mike, isn’t wasting any time putting out merch in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential win. The label is once again selling “Not My President” shirts and plan to donate the proceeds to organizations that will combat Trump’s policies.

You may remember Fat Mike starting PunkVoter, a coalition to prevent George W. Bush from winning a second presidential term in 2004. Although the effort didn’t prevent Bush from serving four more years as Commander-in-Chief, PunkVoter spearheaded the somewhat iconic “Not My President” phrase many adopted in protest of our 43rd president. PunkVoter shut down in 2008, but Fat Wreck is taking up the cause once again.

Fans actually have the option of buying either a “Not My President” or “Not My F—ing President” shirt for $15. Fat Wreck Chords wrote, “Well, today f—ing sucks. Can’t believe we have to do this again… Proceeds from the sale of these shirts over the next four years will be donated to organizations working to combat whatever bulls—t policies this scumbag attempts to perpetrate on our country and the world.”

In a recent interview with CBC News, Fat Mike spoke about the fear he had of a Trump presidency. “I get panic attacks nightly. All my friends do too,” Mike said. “Because who had any idea this idiot would get as far as he did? … I think he's a bigger a-hole [than Bush] but I don't think he'll be a worse president because no one takes him seriously. Democrats hate him, Republicans hate him, the military hates him. Just a bunch of racist, sexist rednecks love him.”

The shirts are now available for pre-order at the Fat Wreck Chords website and will be released Nov. 23. NOFX's new album, First Ditch Effort, is available right now!

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