Move over, Bassinator. Nothing More's next wild stage design is coming soon.

In an interview with The RockShow's Heathen before the 2015 FMX Freakfest, Nothing More frontman Jonny Hawkins talked about the band's next insane-sounding addition to an already wild stage show.

"We're calling it the scorpion tail. It's this really jagged-looking extension off of the drums," Hawkins explained. "So I have these drums up front right that have a lot of metal, and it's going to be this huge add-on piece that I lock in and it comes way up and curves around."

The craziest part? It's being put together by Nothing More bassist Daniel Oliver, who is also a welder. But what is it, and what does it do? Hawkins shared some details.

"I don't want to give too much away, but...we're mixing electronics with mechanics in ways of how I'm controlling this device, I'm going to be standing on the drums," Hawkins said. "I'm going to be controlling it with levers on it, and physically just being able to push it with a spring. There's going to be control instruments with, so I'm going to be controlling them and doing all kinds of crazy stuff."

Unfortunately, the scorpion tail wasn't ready in time for the band's current tour, but they're hoping to bring out the next time they're on the road. Judging from our other interview with Hawkins, that might be a while. After wrapping up some tour dates in Europe and Japan this fall, Nothing More will head back into the studio to write their next record.

But when they do return to the road, Hawkins told us Nothing More will have a "whole new show" and that the scorpion tail will be a part of it.

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