Recently, I had a friend from high school who returned to Lubbock after more than a decade of being away. The circumstances were unfortunate, so I wanted to make sure my friend had some positive experiences too. I wanted her to have some real authentic Lubbock fun while she was here.

We did have fun. I was grateful her visit encompassed First Friday Art Trail, so that was a no-brainer. Of course, we went to Taco Villa for a bean burrito, that's required. And we visited some great bars.

It got me thinking- what else could I have done, or where could I take her next time?  I feel like we didn't eat at enough iconically Lubbock places.

So here's my list, in case you have a need for it too. Whether you're a Tech student taking your parents to places, or you're old friend is visiting home after a long time, I hope you enjoy these very Lubbock places together.

FYI, I did have some criteria for the list. No chains must be locally owned and must have been open for at least 10 years. Here  are my picks:

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