There were somewhere between 170 and 180 reported accidents on Sunday. This excludes those tiny bumper bumps and things people didn't call in. Are you freaking serious? How is that there are that many dumbasses in one town? According to officials this is about an average amount of accidents that we get on a snow day. Now, my question is, is it the same people having another accident or is it all new folks? Is nobody learning a lesson out there?


Here's all you need to know about driving in bad weather: the worst the weather is, the slower you need to drive and the more space you should have between you and the other cars. That's it. 100% done.  You don't have to go to a snow driving school. You don't even have to stay home. Just drive slow and keep a lot of distance between you and the cars around you. I might add that if you know there is an intersection ahead, you need to prepare to stop a little earlier than normal. This just ISN'T complicated.

I feel like an old guy repeating the same story but when I lived in Washington State it snowed two feet one night, and we were EXPECTED to be at work the next day. It was no big deal because everybody knew to warm up the car a bit, leave a little earlier and be a bit more careful.

I hope you and your car survived the weather and if you did, you still need to remember you "got lucky" this time, you still need to drive slower and give yourself more room to stop. You may be a pro driver but that rarely protects you from the other guy.