Don't you love it when you come across an awesome video of your favorite band? Remember 2 weeks ago I shared the video for "No Matter What" from Papa Roach with you, at that time it only had 7 hits; today it has 322,093, that's a lot of roaches out there surfing the net looking for stuff from Jacoby and team.

Well, check this video out, it is the boys doing "Between Angels and Insects" live at Poland Woodstock in front of over 350,000 people, talk about a rush! These guys always put on a great show and never fail to please the crowd!

P Roach and company originally published this video about 2 years ago but just re-released it to members of their website and Facebook fan pages to promote their current European Tour. Check out the rockin' performance below. It will blow your mind how many people are there.