Patrick Mahomes has a history of remembering when people show him disrespect. Whether it's genuine disrespect or legitimate, he remembers. Mahomes counted to four while beating the Ravens and Lamar Jackson after he was ranked as the fourth-best player in the NFL while Jackson was ranked 1st. Mahomes counted to 10 while playing the Bears because they traded up for a quarterback and didn't draft him allowing him to drop to 10th overall.

Mahomes has tweeted emojis and said things in press conferences that reference displeasure to events and turn into motivation. Chiefs offensive coordinator called Mahomes a, "competitive prick" because of his grudge-holding and attitude in practice. It's something only the true greats hold. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time at finding these random moments of time and using them on his path to greatness.

After an NFL MVP and back-to-back Super Bowl appearances that included a Lombardi trophy and Super Bowl MVP, you might be under the impression that Mahomes is above taking these public slights and using them as fuel but the bottom line is that Patrick Mahomes is petty, and that's what makes him great.

The disrespect has started early this offseason with people negatively using Mahomes' name to get clicks starting with ESPN listing Texas Tech's Mahomes as the 54th best quarterback of the 2000's punishing Mahomes because of his legendarily bad defense.

Makes sense. Can Mahomes count to 54 on the field after a touchdown? Maybe he'll throw 54 touchdowns and then just hand the ball off the rest of the season.

In the ESPN list, Mahomes is behind noted quarterbacks like Alex Smith, Brady Quinn, Dan LeFevour, and David Carr. Giggling uncontrollably at David Carr being listed in front of Mahomes. The disrespect certainly isn't that Mahomes isn't first on the list, or second or top 20 even. Mahomes only played two full seasons and didn't win any major awards. Are there really 53 quarterbacks that were better though? Mahomes doesn't think so and I don't either.

For what it's worth, Baker Mayfield was number one, Vince Young was number three and Red Raider Graham Harrell was ranked 32nd.

The next bit of disrespect is so obvious in its intention Mahomes might straight up ignore it. Colin Cowherd has devolved into clickbait graphics to drive engagement and he's incredibly successful at it, I'm blogging about it for Pete's sake, but it still is worth a mention in this venue.

In all seriousness, what?

I can't tell what's worse, listing Josh Allen as more valuable than two quarterbacks who have been listed as Most Valuable, or that Jimmy Garoppolo is in the same tier as Patrick Mahomes. Cowherd's Most Valuable quarterback, Russell Wilson, also doesn't have an MVP. This is one of the more ridiculous graphics I have seen in a while and I see a lot of graphics.

Patrick Mahomes: From East Texas To NFL Stardom


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