Pearl Jam have been ahead of the curve, finding new and inventive ways to promote their forthcoming album Gigaton, but their latest method of promotion takes fans back to a simpler time. They're using a "hotline" to allow fans to check out their latest set.

Gigaton is the band's eleventh studio album and the record drops this Friday (March 27), but given as many fans are currently stuck at home self-isolating, the group is allowing for an early preview by simply calling (585) 20-PEARL or (585) 207-3275.

The group initially had a more elaborate preview planned, with theaters across the country providing an immersive experience, playing the record in Dolby-Atmos equipped venues that would also screen a choice set of visuals created by Evolve, the company behind their "Dance of the Clairvoyants" video. With the global coronavirus pandemic, the band had to scrap those fans and they're going with something a little more lo-fi.

Those dialing up the number instead get a telemarketer type voice leading them to their final destination, where they're able to hear the music beyond their previously released singles.

The band had also planned to tour this spring, but were one of the first acts to move to postpone their dates as the serious nature of the coronavirus became clearer. At present, their European trek will be their next scheduled dates, with the band set to take the stage June 23 in Frankfurt, Germany. Stay up to date with Pearl Jam's touring at their website.

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