A TikToker who claims to work at Little Ceasars posted a video of how they allegedly make their pizza sauce.

The video has gone viral, with over 15.8 million views since it was posted last week. It shows a large plastic container full of what looks like tomato paste, water and herbs being mixed together. However, none of that is what’s bothering people.

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What is bothering people is that rather than the container sitting on a table or some other clean work surface, it's on the floor and they are using a power drill with what looks like a cement mixing attachment to combine the ingredients:

The video has received mixed reactions, but most of them express disgust. One commenter brought up how the container being on the floor could be a food safety hazard, while other commenters are very concerned about the use of a power tool to mix the sauce rather than a stand mixer or other kitchen utensil.

On the other end, some people are completely unbothered by what they see in the video. User @.breadbank_ left a comment saying that they don’t care and “the pizza still hits.” Others agree with that comment, mentioning that they don’t care how it’s made as long as it tastes good.

It's unclear if this is actually how Little Ceasars makes their sauce. Some users commented on the post saying that they used to work at a Little Ceasars and they never saw the sauce made like that. Others are commenting that they have also worked there and that the video is accurate to how their location prepared the sauce.

I personally don’t care for Little Ceasars, so this doesn't really change anything for me. But I am curious if seeing a video like this would change the mind of someone who absolutely loves their food.

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