The rock and metal community have been absolutely gutted since the news of Joey Jordison's death came out on July 27. The musician, who was 46 years old, died peacefully in his sleep, according to a statement from his loved ones.

He was born Nathan Jonas Jordison on April 26, 1975, and grew up in Des Moines, Iowa — the hometown of the mighty Slipknot. But the rocker's resume went beyond being a masked member of the Nine. He was also a founding member of another Des Moines-based horror band called Murderdolls, but it doesn't stop there.

Jordison has played with Metallica, acting as an emergency fill-in for Lars Ulrich, Korn, Rob Zombie, Satyricon and Ministry, and he also formed the shorter-lived bands Scar the Martyr, Vimic and Sinsaenum.

In around 2010, the drummer started to notice that he wasn't feeling well, and a few years later, was diagnosed with a neurological condition called transverse myelitis. It interfered with his ability to play the drums and ultimately contributed to his split with Slipknot, but throughout the following years, he continued to express his admiration for his former bandmates.

"If I could go back and change something... man, I wouldn’t change a thing. I honestly would not change a fucking thing. I’m happy where I’m at. I am where I am supposed to be right now," he told Music Radar in 2018.

"Sometimes in life you reconcile, sometimes you never reconcile, but the thing is that I now have other fish to fry and things to do. I love those guys very much, there is not a piece of hatred in my heart towards any of them, I love them.”

To honor the legacy of Jordison, we compiled a gallery of photos of him through the years — both with a mask and without. Scroll through the images below to see.

Rest in peace.

Joey Jordison Through the Years

Photos from his years in Slipknot, Murderdolls, Sinsaenum and more.

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