Last year, Pierce The Veil released arguably the most accomplished album of their career in Misadventures. It's helped to continue the band's popularity, and has also resulted in a new video for their single "Today I Saw the Whole World."

For those unfamiliar with the band, the song gives a good entry point into why they've been a popular act for the scene. They combine extremely sugary sweet choruses and verses with twinges of heaviness, flipping on a dime from one moment to the next. In the video, the band jumps all over a performance space, with their playing being intercut with footage of car crashes and war. Things get a little less sweet and a little more intense as the song progresses, the song shifting into a breakdown and the whole band going into overdrive and screaming their guts out.

What's helped the band go from scrappy post-hardcore band to a force to be reckoned with has been their flexibility in style and willingness to play with a wide range of acts. Earlier in the year, they embarked on a killer co-headlining tour with pop-punk titans Sum 41. We dug deep into the tour, seeing what goes on behind the scenes in an exclusive look into their trek.

"Today I Saw the Whole World" follows some other solid videos from the group, including "Floral and Fading" from earlier this year, and last year's "Circles." Time will tell what the band has next in store, but they don't seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Watch "Today I Saw the Whole World" above!

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