I know when I was little and in school people always asked me what my favorite class was, and I have asked the same question to many of the kids G and the girls know. It's just one of those questions adults ask kids when they talk to them about school.

Naturally the answers you get depend on the age of the kid you're asking. The younger kids tend to say things like p.e., recess, library, or maybe show and tell (remember the kindergartner I told you about a while back that brought a crack pipe?)

Well this week there is another young kid that may have a good answer, snack time!

Check it out, a 4 year old boy from Conneticut brought a special treat to share with his little buddies in pre-school. Imagine the teachers surprise when the little guy took out 9 baggies of weed to share with the class!

The kids parents are now facing criminal charges, all because their kid wanted to share.