We have all seen movies where people try to sneak files and knives or drugs to inmates in prison in cakes, but check out these real things confiscated from inmates in prisons in British Columbia.The list includes typical things like homemade weapons, drugs, cigarettes, snow tires.Yes, I said snow tires! The list of "usual" items found in cells is not only really odd but makes you stop and think how the hell did someone "sneak" this stuff in, and WHY the hell does a person in prison need stuff like snow tires?!

Canadian federal prison officials in British Columbia say they have found crap like a whole chicken, a wooden crab trap, a turkey breast with all the trimmings for a Thanksgiving dinner, 7 pounds of rice, and a case of cookies.

Things like this really make you stop and think WTF I can't even take a bottle of water thru a TSA line or get on a plane without taking my shoes off and having a dude squeeze my balls and run his hand threw my butt crack and there are people walking into prisons with snow tires and crab traps and NO ONE notices?

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