How would you like it if right in the middle of your favorite song I started shouting about what's coming up next?  You'd be mad right?  And yet we take it from local television stations and the networks.  More after the jump.

My example of shouting whats coming up over whats playing is of course a reference  to the promos they play on the bottom or right of the screen while you're watching a show.  You wanna know why they do that?  It's so they can fit more commercials in the commercial breaks.  It's complete bullsmackey.  It's one thing when it's weather conditions or Osama's been killed, but when you're just promoting the latest Tom Selleck piece of crap movie of the week it's frustrating.  Hey networks, wanna guess why people don't watch your crap?  Stuff like your in program promos.  You know I forget to TIVO an episode of Survivor so I had to watch it on HULU, guess what?  No friggin' on screen interruptions.  If you make the experience better on computer than on air, guess which one we're going to watch.

Next up-KCBD.  Hey guys, I don't give a sh@t that your news is in HD.  It doesn't mean a damn to me.  If I turn on the news, its for the news and not for the pretty picture.  If you want to improve the look of your news, hire better looking anchors, don't just get better cameras.  Also KCBD, you obviously currently rule the "news roost", do you realize how backwoods you look by slamming us with the same hillbilly commercial for "cruddy windows"?  Don't you have any other advertisers?  Can you only convince that one rube to support your t.v. station.  It seems to me that if you really are number one, you might have some restrictions on the kind of commercials that make people turn the channel.  Lastly, it's very commendable that you guys are always out on location, but can you check the friggin' equipment before airtime?  It seems that half the time there's some kind of malfunction.  You get an A for effort and an F for execution.

KLBK-would it hurt for you to actually have a "big story" when you're thing is "more on the big story"?  Everything about your newscast looks good, except there's no real news going on.  It's like someone spent the budget on the set and forgot to hire reporters.

KAMC-It's apparent you want to "do your own thing" when it comes to news.  That's very commendable, but the fact is there isn't but a few stories in town on it's best day and ignoring some because the competition is on them is stupid.  It's like you guys have a clear path in front of you, but you always choose to go left into the jungle.

Fox-Whatever.  Jeezuz, news at nine is one of the most brilliant programming moves ever, but making it snarky and full of "Fox attitude" makes it 100% completely unwatchable.  They also suffer badly from the "do your own thing" vibe.

I think there's a fifth local channel, but I'm not sure.

And whats worse than the local t.v. stations?  Their websites.   They scream mediocrity and lack of attention.  KCBD's is about as dry as a bone and the "Everything Lubbock" site should be sued by the Chamber of Commerce because it makes it look like "nothing in Lubbock".

You guys can go ahead and get defensive and talk about shrinking staffs and the like, meanwhile just a couple little guys on the radio are kicking your ass all over the web when it comes to news and information.  We may not have the "murder of the night" but we cover the good things happening in the Hub like a blanket snugglin' a baby.  And worst of all, you're on-air products could be fixed easily if you weren't so set in your ways and complacent.

I have NEVER settled for the "good enough for Lubbock" vibe.  I want to be the best in the world, but located in Lubbock and we ARE world reknown.  We've done amazing things given the resources we're working with.  It's time for you t.v. stations to step up before ALL of your audiences go online.

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