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There's no combo more deliciously American than a gourmet burger with a crisp, cold craft beer. And the new-to-Lubbock Mr. Brews Taphouse (7604 Milwaukee Ave.) gets that special pairing exactly perfect.

Before we get into my perfect pairings, let me suggest that you indulge in one of their fantastic appetizers. The 'Pub Grab' is a generous portion of fresh fries or house-made chips with beer cheese sauce, bacon, and chives. It got gobbled up voraciously by myself, my editor Justin, and salesman extraordinaire Danny. As in, we were fighting for the leftover beer cheese stuck to the basket liner paper. (We tease Justin for having "baby palate," so this was proof that everyone would love the Pub Grab.)

I also ordered the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings to prove to Danny that cauliflower, nature's yuckiest vegetable, is actually delicious deep-fried. Mr. Brews Taphouse has the best batter I've even had on any type of wing. It's inexplicable that it makes white dirt veggie good, but they make it really, really good.

Now for the best burger and beer pairings. Note: any good beer menu is subject to change with the seasons, so be sure to get to Mr. Brews Taphouse ASAP to try these pairings.

The Jalapeno Popper Burger & Wasatch Island IPA

The Jalapeno Popper Burger is like the best of any Texas party married together on their delicious, fresh bakery buns. It's cream cheese with sauteed jalapenos, crispy French's onions and BBQ sauce. I recommend pairing it with the Wasatch IPA, because the fruitiness of this IPA pairs beautifully with the spicy smoothness of this burger.

Mr. Brews Peanut Buster & TUPPS Full Grown Hombre

Peanut butter on a burger? Seriously, don't knock this savory, rich combo until you've tried it. The bacon on the burger cuts through the thickness of the PB to make a flavor combo that Elvis tried to tell us about in the 70s. He was right.

I recommend a stout because its finally stout weather here in Lubbock. Also, the coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and ancho chili flavors enhance the richness of this burger made for a king. Fair warning: this stout is STOUT at a whopping 12.1 percent ABV.

Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media Lubbock

Bacon Mac & Cheese Burger & HopFushion Ale Works El Gran Pepinillo

The macaroni and cheese alone is absolutely to die for, and it should be noted that this may be the best to-go burger on the menu because the cheese stays oozy in foil. Cut through and enhance the flavor of the bacon and cheese with El Gran Pepinillo, a very unique and spicy beer that's infused with Best Maid pickles and chili arbol peppers.

Mac & Cheese with pickles? Is this Renee's favorite second-grade meal? Yes and no. It has all of the comfort, but with a much more refined flavor.

Kentucky Bourbon Classic Burger & New Belgium Fat Tire

Usually at a restaurant, 'classic' is code for 'plain.' But that just isn't so at Mr. Brews Taphouse. The Kentucky Bourbon Classic Burger is a rich and delicious combination of cheddar cheese, grilled onions, French's fried onions bacon, and bourbon mayo.

You want an easy drinker with this royal burger, so I recommend the perennial favorite, New Belgium Fat Tire. If you've never had a Fat Tire before, you're weird...but I forgive you. It's a porch-sipper amber that's satisfying without being heavy.

There are several more burgers and appetizers to try, but perhaps next time I'll get one of their crisp salads. And many, many more beers. I can already tell that just like their burgers and beer, Mr. Brews Taphouse and my palate are the perfect pairing.