Ron Grant has been the "Voice Of Lubbock" forever. He is the voice of KCBD-TV, he worked afternoons on KOOL 98 and is on most of the commercials you hear on our radio stations and around town. He was also a syndicate voice talent across the nation, but chose to stay in Lubbock (despite numerous offers to go elsewhere). He had many other radio jobs through the course of his career.

Ron was one of our original "Band of Bellies" that hit every restaurant in town. Ron was a regular at the Fox and Hound and loved hosting and singing Karaoke (but we didn't hold that against him). Ron loved Two and a Half men and even stole Charlie Sheen's fashion style from the show. Ron had a wicked sense of humor and was one of the most consistently "cool" guys I've ever known. It was near impossible to get him steamed. Ron loved radio and collected radio memorabilia.

Ron suffered from diabetes which may or may not have contributed to his death. At this point all we know is that Ron died in his sleep sometime after 1:00 a.m.