On every Monday I give you my Man Crush Monday, where I salute the bros I have met throughout my journey in life. This week, I have to crush on my bro Cristian Machado, Ill Nino singer, lead man, husband, new dad, Latin metal extraordinaire and all around hustler of riff raff.

I have made many memories with my bro Cristian Machado of Ill Nino and I look forward to making many more.

The video tells the story of how myself, Danielle, T-Time and some of the bros of Ill Nino all ended up going to Chances R to watch Metalachi.

Get some Ill Nino in your life their latest album "Till Death, La Familia" is in stores now and just kicks from front to back. We look forward to having Ill Nino back in Lubbock very soon!