Saliva helped Lubbock get over Hump Day by rocking the Backstage Wednesday night (October 15).

Vocalist Bobby Amaru led the boys of Saliva through a set list that included new tracks and the songs that put the band on the map, including "After Me" and "Click Click Boom" from the band's 2001 debut album, "Every Six Seconds."

Amaru praised Lubbock (and Texas in general) for always giving the band a warm welcome and, well, just being an awesome place.

"Anywhere in Texas we go, people are so f--king down-to-earth and so cool and so real," he said. "Anytime we know we're coming to Texas, I get f--king excited, my guys get excited."

And he was right; you wouldn't know it was a Wednesday night by the way the Lubbock crowd was rocking out.

Check out some photos of Saliva destroying the stage