Remember a few weeks back I told you guys about Josey's decision to leave Saliva and pursue a career in Christian music. Best of luck to you bro, much love to you always. On New Year's Day I got word about the future of the band post Josey era.I heard from Wayne Swinny on New Year's Day that he and the remaining members of Saliva are working on some new songs with a new singer.


Swinny told me they have recorded three new songs and are ready to "shop them around" and look to be heading out on the road sometime in February to introduce fans to their new singer and their new sound.

According to Wayne, "he is a 28 year old singer, songwriter, producer from Jacksonville, Florida, who has a GREAT voice and will not only bring some fresh blood into the band but; will also put a new spin on the Saliva sound."

Saliva fans I introduce to you Bobby Amaru.

Check out his songs on YouTube and get ready to show this young man how we do it in Texas!